FOES FXR vs. Turner RFX vs. El Terremoto 6.0


JORBA: Round Valley
Has anyone ever ridden the 2007 FOES FXR with Curnutt 2:1 Air Shock, 2007 Turner RFX or the Ventana El Terremoto 6.0? There isn't much information about the Foes on the internet and I have never met anyone that has owned one. I was going to look into the Nomad or Ellsworth Moment until I heard their customer service is not the best.

Any info would be great.

My goal is to build a 6" travel bike under 32 lbs.
So what did you end up with Bob? I went with an RFX and it came out at about 33 lbs, but with a wheel and tire change that could be 1-2 lbs. less.
Bob rarely checks in here since he has forum-phobia.:D But I can tell you that he ended up picking up a killer deal on a 07 Specialized S-Works Enduro. I'm not sure what it weighs but its somewhere in the low 30's.
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