Focus mares cable routing

Bought a used focus mores (2019? Rival components) So at some point I replaced replaced It's been a nightmare since and I'm trying to get it back to normal. Im usually very good with this stuff. I just can't get it to shift properly. Anyone with this bike that can tell me if there was a liner running internally, or just a naked cable that ran though the guide a the bottom bracket. Am I better off just one continuous housing from lever to derailleur, although it may not fit through the stops....


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You sure it's not just a direct cable/housing all the way?

On my older Focus Mares (2016?) that's aluminum it's full housing all the way. In a very weird way of through normal small holes in the head tube, downtube then out a HUGE gaping hole in the bottom of the downtube and then under and up to the derailleur and brakes.
My 2015 Mares CX looks to have cable end caps where it enters/exits the frame, so I’d guess naked or just liner through the frame
Yes it has the stops. Then by the bottom bracket there's a plastic guide and a stop where it comes out on the rear wheel. Jmaniac does that bike use a liner throughout the frame?
I wasn't able to pull the cable out far enough to see without removing the guide,
I'll pop it open a little later and let you know.
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