Flight 370 or Mini Utah?

Flight 370 or Mini Utah?

  • They will find the plane

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • Utah will become a dad and the world will never be the same

    Votes: 18 85.7%

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Mayor McCheese
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Which will happen first - flight 370 is found, or Utah becomes a dad?

No Triple B for this one.


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Things will def be different when Utah has a kid. Luke, Mirisky(sp?) and those other dinks he hangs out with are going to shun him like the amish enforcing church rules.
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Mayor McCheese
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Has anyone given any thought that Utah's wife may give birth to Flight 370?


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I like the idea that the pilot rose to 40k feet, depressurized, used his own o2 to breath which is rated for high altitude, killing the passengers. Then shadowed another 777 across india to avoid radar, and has landed the plane is kzahaskdhvatcastan


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My wife just got back from the doc, says he should be showing up by the weekend. So im not sure what that does to the odds here, but I felt compelled to update anyone who might be betting on this.



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aero position?

Bell lap, Smooth sailing to the Wife & You.!!!


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scary looks exactly like a mini utah or what utah will look like in 40 years...

congrats dude fun stuff ahead :popcorn:
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