Flat Tyres Freedom Fest (Sept 08)


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If the state park would give access to the campground would anyone be interested in a Sat camp-out in Allaire State Park? We could schedule beginer rides(GTBrew), kill KenS rides or KenS kill us ride?, girls rides led by (KenS), break your neck rides by(KenS), and of course a drinking contest by(FFT), BBQ?

I think Beachwood got into the campground acrooss the street and it wood be cool if we could too. I was thinking September. Please give your e-pinions or what-have-you's. It might make for a good date for those who cant make the Jorba event.


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Why not make it later in the fall? If JORBA is having theirs in September, why not early October. That is a great time of the year to camp and ride. The bugs will be departing, good weather.


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In as long as it is before Sept 27th, ill be gone for 6 weeks after that. As for the camp site, its just a group area. Book it now, choose the weekend and stick with it, people will show. Just try not to make it the 13th weekend =p

Brian Snyder

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It sounds good to me but, I think Kill the hanging vines would be a better theme. Well, that and the wet t-shirt thing,(my wife is a sure bet)

el viejo

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freedom fest

:make it october i will need more time training if i enter drinking contest against flat tyres

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