fixed gear CX


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so who else will be punishing themselves here?


ive been wanting to run my SS as a fixed gear..and here is a great excuse to do so!


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lots of fun, it wasnt run like a normal cyclocross...for starters it wasnt we were told to tell anyone that we were on a scavenger hunt. one of the sections went right past some bums in a tent..they seemed to not like our presence

it was run kind of like an alleycat race i guess, we had 6 checkpoints to hit in a loop, and had to do 4 laps...the top 5 racers had to do 5 laps.

unfortunatly lots of the riding was on the roads, but there was a good amount in the mud...and there was PLENTY of mud...i came out looking comparable to how i was at the USGP in mercer.

i managed to squeeze out 16th out of 42..which i was happy way i was anywhere near the top guys, but it was a fun 38c tires ate up the muddy parts like nothing.

if they run it again next year ill be there, it was alot of fun!
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