Fish Tank


tank siza : L36" x W18" x H17" 40 gallons

iron stands siza : L36"xW18"xH31"

Rio pump 1100, 1450LPH x 2

110 gallons Overflow box & tube

All Sale $ 300

T2.jpg T 1.jpg T3.jpg T5.jpg T4.jpg


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Quite an interesting tank, looks rather big and can accommodate several fish. I like it. Last month I saw one at a pet store but couldn't afford it because the price was too high. After all, these aquariums are very expensive. My child asked for a birthday gift of fish and a tank, but I still choose the best option. I have also heard of bobbit worms that live in the sea in addition to fish and jellyfish. They are very interesting to watch because they always remind me of good predators. If they are for sale, I will be happy to buy them for my birthday :)
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