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If you take a handful of rocks and logs and mix that up with tons or hilly single track you have Allamuchy. Very technical in areas; some I had to hop off for. Had a blast but a map is really a must or you will get lost. Spent about 2 hours there and only saw a small portion of the park around Cranberry Lake. This place is HUGE.


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yeah this was definitely a very technical park. The rain yesterday didn't help though. There were a lot of wet rocks and muddy areas to sink into though. If you are up for a technical ride this is the place. If you want a nice ride not too technical look elsewhere.


I've been comming to this park for a few years now and I love it. Yes, it does have everything, and many places are overgrown, especially by the lake. I've gotten lost twice here, once without a map, and once with it. One time I took a wrong trail and wound up on rt. 604. I even wiped out pretty good once going down a hill. This park has made me its bitch. So be careful because their are many trails here that take you to nowhere. I always ride to the overlook that is off of rt. 80 near exit 19. It has a nice view of the area, and it's easy to get to. Just follow the sound of the traffic moving down the highway.


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Be prepared to be bruised. If you don't come home with bruises from Allamuchy I feel sorry for ya. They are the most satisfying bruises in mountain biking. Allamuchy is a dear friend of mine that I respect emensely. Anyone from Expert to Novice can get bitten from this mountain in a heartbeat if they aren't alert and well prepared for disaster.

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