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I finally had a mooch around this place. I like! My faves were on the Needle (radio tower) side and just down Sussex branch trail a little - the green and blue trails. The downhill from the needle is pretty good to, along the red trail. I climbed the Needle twice just to try a couple of different decents.

I wouldn't use my trail as a guide as I did do a bit of double-backing and repeated a few trails too:

But do climb the needle, take the red trail down and find the blue and green trails!

Oh, and some good eats on the way home? Take Lakawana road east off route 206 (just north of Byram bikes) and taste the BBQ at smokeys about a mile on the right - very tasty with a cool lake view deck.


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Wow, you did a good portion of the park, hitting up most of the trails.

Smokey's is a great bbq place. We go there periodically. Valet parking is Sussex County? ...definitely needed though with their limited space.


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well done, dan. you hit almost everything and logged some great speed too. embarrassingly enough, you have been to smokey's before me, and i have lived up here 3 years.


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this is one of my favorite parks...rode there yesterday, actually. such fun. lots of twisty stuff, some nasty rocky stuff and the needle climb. lovely!


Yesterday was my first time there too!!! Wow that park is fun, Im going to try and get there weekly from now on.


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Can someone PLEASE get me to the needle (unless I am riding it and not knowing)?! I can't seem to find this thing!


The needle is the radio tower on the opposite side of the road to the car park. There are a couple of trails that lead of sussex branch trail towards the tower. When they start pointing up, you're on your way.


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From the main parking lot, cross over the Sussex Branch Trail onto a Farm road, and stay on it until you reach the top. You will pass a few single tracks, but resist the temptation. The gravel road will bring you straight up there.

Getting up there using the single tracks: The red trail goes all the way to the top. Easiest route to describe. While you are on the gravel road, in the second meadow there will be a trail that goes up to the left if you are traveling north. Take it and make the second right. You will go a long the lake for a while and then start heading up the hill. You will come to a lower crest, make the sharp left onto the red trail. This will also take you to the top.


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