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So I picked up my new bike today (Giant Yukon) and I'm very pleased with it. For my price range, I think it's a great bike. I got clipless pedals to help me strengthen my legs more and work my left knee (pedal with one leg from time to time).

Still really wet near me so I took it for a quick spin on the streets. I practiced clipping in and out before I went out but what do you think happened the first time I got stuck at an intersection? Yup, tipped right over. Didnt get my right foot out in time lol. There were so many cars waiting for the light too and I fell in front of all of them :rofl: . I was wearing my cool sunglasses and everything. My coolness instantly went away at that moment. I layed there laughing for a second then got up and went on my way. I got the hang of clipping out after that and my coolness returned shortly after.

The moral of the story: If you wear cool sunglasses, nothing can stop you.


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Heh, heh, welcome to the clip-less world.

We all have stories not too unlike your own....


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Wait until you pull that move on a 4' high bridge over a creek.

Luckily the rocks broke my fall, lol

Those little (infrequent) incidents aside, clipless rules.


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Someone beat me to the punch. My first bike was a giant yukon and i wore the hell out of it. Its no longer the same bike. However it was an awesome starter for me.

My first ride w/ clipless at six mile and i felt off the first bridge crossing. The crash was so bad that i broke the pedal. J set me back up and told me to keep pedaling. So i did and the rest is history. :D


Love it!!!!!

I love the clipless pedal stories. I did the same thing, but the best one was the first time I used them on the trails, it was wet and I wore a brand new waterproof/ breathable jacket shell. Hit a quick steep hill about twenty feet high, ran outta gas right at the crest, tipped over, slid down the side of the hill, picking up speed the whole way on that spiffy new jacket and the wet leaves............. Until the tree stopped me,,,,,,,, great fun. Pulled that move right in front of the bike honches that sold me my bike too, they loved it. I got my coolness back too, it's just interspersed with moments just like that one.


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my first bike was a giant iguana, first time on clipless i rode to work to show off soon as i got to work i couldn't unclip and fell infront of my boss.... my coolness was shot too. then i discovered downhill bikes and cool platform pedals with gnarly pins that keep your shoes stuck good so i tossed my clipless in the trash cant stand them anymore.


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I remember learning to ride clipless all those years ago. My first were Onza pedals (anybody remember them?) My legs sure took a beating. Don't fret or get discouraged my friend. Once you get used to them you'll wonder how you ever rode without them. Now when i crash my feets pop right out of them.
What pedals have you got? I run shimano 959, 747 and wouldn't run anything else.

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i went out about 5 times on clipless and im still not sure if i like able to get in and out just fine but im just so much mopre comfortable with my flats and trail running shoes that stick right to its gonna be a while b4 i put the clipless back on i like the flats more...


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My first time was on Cannonball Trail Starting at the soccer field and I was doing good until that first water crossing. Splash I went and everyone had a good jolly HaHa.

I love the clipless now. It helps soooooooo much going up those long hills.


Advantages????? Climbing, greater energy transfer to the pedals as well as not just applying power on the downward pedal stroke, and in my opinion they assist greatly on clearing larger logs/ trail obstacles. I guess you can argue the points, but clipless alone has been one of the greatest performance advantages to my riding. Maybe for downhill bombing or trials they're not so good, but for XC riding, you just gotta have them,,, PERIOD!!!!:getsome:


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I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!!

And flat pedals. Everything is personal preference in the end, but i will say that I can take 80 to 90% of all riders i meet w/ flat pedals. Good spin is good spin, period. If clips work for you , wonderful, but don't ever think they are mandatory. Most riders do not have trials or DJ experience and have no idea how to hold the pedals. Minor messups I've had through the years would have been hospital visits if clipped in.If you try em, stay on grass or railbeds til you get it......


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flat pedals are great, i rode them for a loooong time. as soon as i switched to clipless, i noticed an immense difference in power transfer, speed uphill and down, and increased falling over(for the first few rides anyway).

the biggest difference, i would say, is downhill. you can go alot faster when you are effortlessly connected to the bike. it's easier to float, easier to change direction.

the reason brett can take 80-90% of the riders he meets is that he's a strong rider, who would be even faster on clipless. but untill such time as he makes the transition to the darkside, i'll continue to enjoy having an advantage on him. :D


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Wow , thanks. You are my benchmark cause you also have the non xc skills, but my years of DH have evened the field on the percieved downhill bonus you proclaim. I'd be slower clipped in for sure. Your advantage is purely that you're stronger and younger. You have reminded me though that for SS it might almost be mandatory..........
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