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Hi gang,

I headed out to six mile for the first time this past Sunday. It's a great place and loads of fun -- but dangerous though. The trails are so flat it's quite easy to go far in a hurry. And since the trails are so twisty and have so many forks is quite difficult to backtrack once you realize you have no idea where you are!

I got quite lost in those woods! Luckily just before dark I found another rider who gave me an escort back to the soccer field. Thanks again if you're reading this. :) And the crazy part is even if he told me the way back I'd never had made it -- I'd still be riding around in circles :confused:

The next night I broke down and ordered an Edge 705. I'll be back, and this time I'll be ready! ;)

BTW, where are the trail maps & markers??

"Just stay left and you'll be ok." -- NOT! :hmmm:


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the more and more you go there the less and less you need a map and besides riding is fun the worse you get lost the more you have to ride...i got lost bad the first 2-3times now i do the rt27 side with no problem and event the red and blue trail and new stuff on the other side just fine as well...


yea ive only been riding there for a while first time was deff a little shady on finding my way but the more you ride the more and more it feels like home... just remember to take the same way out u took going into the trail.

p.s. the new additions to the trail to the 27 side are awsome


any directions to the new trails? i rode six mile last year so i feel like i know the area. whenever i ride i make a left after the jump by the power lines.


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I get lost in the mall on a regular basis. No sense of direction whatsoever. At first I was dumbfounded by 6mr but once you learn a couple of key turns it suddenly gets easy to find your way....

In a conversation with a friend about exactly that I was given some excellent advice. See where the sun is when you leave the lot, think about what time of day. Then you can use the sun position to get back to the lot and avoid circling. Also at trail intersections pick out something unique....six mile has some park use type signs in spots, some unusually shaped tree branches, etc. that I learned to use to tell me where I am.

Also, especially on the 27 side if the farmers fields (not the power line crossings) are on your right, you are going away from the rt. 27 lot, if they are on your left you are going towards it....I think.....customer svc. paging anyone who can assist a lost sircrashalot.....

After a year and a half I am still always half lost on the other side of S. Middlebush though...:rolleyes:


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Sent you a few emails trying to find out when you could ride, was out at 6-mile last night, conditions were just about perfect. Everything is very fast and the new stuff is great. I think Wed. nights are going to be my night out in the woods.



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Sent you a few emails trying to find out when you could ride, was out at 6-mile last night, conditions were just about perfect. Everything is very fast and the new stuff is great. I think Wed. nights are going to be my night out in the woods.


Yeah, got them late today, I'm just as bad as crash lately.:)


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Sircrash, If you check your PM's more often, you'd have more opportunity to learn the other side. ;)

I earned that one! Life has been beyond nutty for the past few months.....may now have the house sold, will know in a few days, then just have to deal with two moves, and things will return to normal. Of course, I will still suck at checking pm's and miss many good rides, though :eek:


Glad I could help you find your way out. The next time you want to ride at 6Mile, post up here so someone can give you a tour of the place.



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I went back this afternoon with my wife. I was armed and ready with a new Edge 705 with some saved courses from motionbased! We had a great time and did much better -- no need to call search and rescue today! ;)

Technology today is amazing! I hit a few buttons on the Edge, bring up someone else's run, and hit start. The unit then records everything I do and shows me my way. Cool eh? :D

I didn't read the manual but the only thing I found confusing was on the way back I knew I was on the course but I didn't know how to tell if I was coming or going! :hmmm:

We only had two trouble spots this time. If anyone wants to take a peek here it is:

Just click on the player tab and watch our ride. You'll see where we went around in circles! (And please don't look at our time or speed -- we didn't really know where we going yet!)

I do know where I went wrong last time though. After I passed the burnt down house and concrete water crossing I went up the trail and to the right. WAY, WAY, right. The trails seemed to be getting thinner and thinner and didn't seem to be leading anywhere in particular.. I really thought there would be a road somewhere in that direction but I never found it. I failed at trying to backtrack back to that water crossing and got even more lost.. I was probably only a few feet from civilization but didn't know it! :confused:


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next time when you cross the concrete bridge, stay left. Follow that up the little rise and cross over the double track into the pines. That will weave you around back across the double track and over a log bridge. Follow that trail and cross over the double track again into some more pines. Cross over the double track and that will take you to S. Middlebush road. If that makes sense you should have fun :D

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