First SS Ride!


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Jason said:
Sweet! Now where are the pictures?

I don't take pictures. :)

You'll have to come for a ride to see it. Going to maybe ride tomorrow after work at the Tourne.


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bonefishjake said:
scott, i told you i had an old 1.1 MP camera you could HAVE :D

btw, what did you put together?

Oh yeah. Now all I need is a decent computer I can use it with at home. Pretty pathetic for a guy who spends his whole day manipulating digital imagery but there you go.

I converted my schwinn moab 3 with the gusset conversion kit, rennen rollenlager tensioner, acs single speed chain, salsa single speed 32t ring, and a bashguard some guy on ebay makes. :)


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ytc100 said:
Now that was fun! :D

What was your loop this morning. You went up the road part way and then made the right into the woods I guess? Then you made your way to the trail with the spring on it, made a right and then tooled around a bit?

How was the road going in and up that steep bank to get into the woods?


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The road up was way easier than I thought it would be. I didn't go to the top of the Tourne and I avoided the rocky climb on the mountain lakes side. I also didn't climb the rocky section up by the log jump on the way up to the playground (I went up behind it) - I almost made it up the big rock behind the playground (had to dab a couple times). About 8.5 miles in the park and 5 on the road. I took it easy and picked the smoothest lines I could find.
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