first snow ride


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Well, we did our first snow ride yesterday. Went to Clayton Park. The trails we snowy and covered in ice, and it ROCKED!!! We had a blast. It was hard work, I was feeling it, but we got in around 10 miles, a couple of bumps and bruises, but no worse than usual.

I'm hooked.....

I bow down to the greatness of my knobby tires......

NJ Jess

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Sounds great!

What tire pressure were you running? I go to 34 and it does me well. Clayton is fun in the winter. the mud spots get a bit icy, but with good traction, one can blast through it. Hope to ride with you some time after work. Smiles, Jess


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Hi Jess,
I would love to ride with you after work. I would have to borrow a light. But, would you like to ride with Kerry and I at Allaire this Saturday??? I want to pick your brain about the lights too. My husband wants to get me one, but they are really pricey as you well know.

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