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AoN's response in el zollers 'kid bike' thread got me thinking about all kinds of first bike memories.

-i remember begging my mom to take the training wheels off my little red schwinn and bombing down our rock driveway towards taylor town road in montville. i was like three and man did i get bloodied up...but damn was that fun.

-i remember the first time i jumped my scrambler off the dirt pile in the field next to my house (for some reason i'm pretty sure this was after a failed attempt to put a starwars guy into orbit with a couple bottle rockets, followed by a couple taped to the top of a matchbox car..)

-then there was the first time we actually went "mountain biking". up in splitrock (most of you know my unease with this place now..) this i remember pretty clearly b/c i was amazed even then that i didn't kill myself: just BOMBING down the fire road on the 'ol fully rigid, toe-clipped trek 850 antelope and jumping the huge drain pipe...which led to a sketchy landing followed by me pitched into a tree. no helmet, no gloves, no spandex. just me out riding with my buddy.

ah, those were the days.


I don't remember ever having a bike with training wheels. My first real bike was a 60's Schwinn Lemon Peeler Krate muscle bike my cousin gave me with a 3 speed Stik Shifter, chopper bars, drum brakes, springer fork and a slick tire. Of course I jumped it, and finally the fork snapped and I did a faceplant that put my front tooth through my upper lip. Got my first stitches. This was around '76. Then I got a brand new yellow Schwinn Scrambler. Us boys gave our bikes names, and I named it Scrambled Eggs for some odd reason. A week later somebody stole it. That was the first time my mom heard me cuss. The next day my grandma bought me a chopper bike. I hated it because BMX bikes were getting big with the Mongoose and Redlines. I jumped the chopper and snapped that fork. My next birthday I got, finally, a red Mongoose with Moto Mags. Now I was one of the cool kids. Modded the hell out of it with a number plate with all kinds of stickers, bunny pegs, some kind of stem and all the pads. My buddies and I would lay on the ground and jump over each other. I cleared 6 boys once. But one day I landed on Bobby Graves and broke his wrist and split his head open. His parents wanted to sue mine but they never did. I was grounded forever though. Somewhere around that time I also got a dual suspension bike. Yes, they existed back them. It had a motorcycle type fork and rear suspension with two big shocks/springs. I forgot the brand. Then around the 6th grade I got a Suzuki RM 80 and got totally out of bikes until about '89 when my uncle got me into road bikes. I got my first mountain bike when I moved to Hawaii in '93. A Trek 8000. Fully rigid, LX stuff and cost $1000.
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my first bike was a little 12" wheeled, riser barred fixed gear. learned how to ride by my mom standing at the top of a grass hill and sending me off down to my dad. i would fall over, get up, kick the bike and yell at it, then get back on. i learned pretty quick/early apparently. earliest real memories are taking my bmx bikes mountain biking through the woods to the quarry about 3 miles ride away to play around on all the dirt bike stuff there. and riding through every mud puddle i could find like it was going out of style.


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I can recall being about 12, bombing down this hill behind the apartment onto a piece of plywood with three cinder blocks underneath it. The landing was not so good but i was still on the bike outta control and ran head one w/ a dumpster.

My mom came out chasing down the hill screaming. I really was fine but all i was concerned about was that the chain had fallen off the rings. "I hope my bike is alright" "who cares about your fucking bike get inside!"


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Too many memories to list here.
My first bike was a chopper type called VAGABUNDO (Vagabond). Next I moved to the Mexican version of the MONGOOSE 'cause my parents couldn't afford the expensive import :( . I remember building ramps on empty lots in my neighborhood and a lot of scraped knees and elbows. I also remember being chased by dogs a lot, luckily I always outran them.
But the most recent funny memory is when I started mountain biking here in the US back in 2000. With no spandex, no clipless, no camelback, just going around Ramapo Lake and thinking I was a cool 'cause I was mountain biking :rofl: Then one day I met a friend who said he was a mountain biker too and he was going to show me the trails by Skyline Drive. He took me to Cannonball and I almost shit a brick. :scared: :scared: I was telling him there was NO WAY anybody rode that, that was not a mtb trail!! :rofl: Eventually after many tries and "endo's" I was officially a mountain biker :)

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The first "real" bike I got was a Webco (short lived 70's BMX company). We used to borrow milk crates from the Quick Check by my house, we'd put a wooden ramp on the first one and then see how many crates you could jump. We set this up at the elementary school by my house because there was a good 200 yards of blacktop with a few downhills to get up to speed.

The legend of our neighborhood was an older kid named Ali Jackson, rumor had it that he jumped 16 milk crates! He had a white PK Ripper and in our minds couldn't be any cooler. Eventually I got my own PK Ripper and for a while I thought I was hot sh*t.

After probably 10 years without riding a bike my first mountain bike was a Cannondale SM400 in about 1992. To tell you the truth I don't remember how/why I got into mountain biking, but 15 years later it seems to have stuck.


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This is a great thread :cool:

I remember riding down my street and racing my grandpa who was in his car. I was still riding a little kid bike at the time. He stayed just in front of me the whole time - "You're not going to lose to an old man are you?"

Then I remember getting a 21-speed Shiwnn. I went and bombed a hill by my house. There was a cross street about half way down. Somehow at that age I wasn't thinking about cars because I rode through there a lot. It was a rush and lot of fun.

The first time I went mountain biking I rode my Shiwnn through Ringwood for ten miles. No clipless, no camelback, no tube or tools :rofl: I was muddy and completely exhausted but I had a smile on my face when it was all over :D
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