Favorite bike-related web sites?


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Got any super secret web sites that you love? Those rare nuggets or ones that are just overflowing with useful info.

Give them up...Lets all share our finds.

Other than MTBNJ, you may find me browsing some of these:

www.roadbikereview.com I was once a RBR regular but rarely go there now. They miss me.

www.roadbikerider.com Ed Pavelka lives in the hills of PA and sends out a very informative newsletter each week. Many great eBooks on his site also. I've ridden with Ed a few times on some mega-distance rides. He is in his 60's and still knows how to keep the pedals going round.

http://www.chucksbikes.com/ Chuck has recently decided to close his doors for good. He has some mediocre items at stupid low prices. They are all now 30% lower that he is closing shop.

www.performancebike.com What can I say? It's hard to ride a bike and not browse this site occasionally. Their Return policy is wide open so this is a good place to buy from if you are unsure. Google for discount codes before you buy.

www.velonews.com All the news related to pro bike racing. They may be a little weak in the MTB department. They do a solid job with the Roadie and CX scenes.

www.eurosport.com This is the European version of ESPN. Want to listen to live audio of your favorite Euro bike race? Gotta love David Duffield and Sean Kelly breaking down a race. Second only to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.


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dirtworld.com.........I plotted mountain biking spots in every state from Jersey to Oklahoma, for a road trip..........all spots were fun and accurate. I love it for finding riding out of the area. Not much of a secret though.

mtbr.com is also decent.


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MTBR, if its not a local specific question or opinion...it's on here. I know most people here seem to dislike it but I think it is a great resource, you just have to look beyond its inadequacies.

http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com/ Funny shit. Every weekday.

I always forget this one!


I really enjoyed this:


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