Father's Day!


A strong 7
My wife asked me what I wanted, and I said a long ride :cool: ! How about a repeat of the Mahlon Dickerson ride or a tour of Allamuchy?
what time? the wife told me yesterday we're having a father's day picnic so for me to be in, it'd have to be a sorta early one...like 9:00.
I'd be down but that's a bit early for my stomach! LOL :D I'm going to do the loops on both sides as long as I don't get lost.
come on Nancy! What time suits your fancy, and let's see if we can meet in the middle. Plus, I'd never find my way outtada parking lot w/o that gps.
ugh...the 517 side! scott, you're killing me. nothing like starting a ride uphill!
jay - you gotta get in on this one. jake is riding 4 times a week, and is doing 30 mile road rides :eek:. i need someone to keep me company at the back of the pack.
yeah, all that and still can't keep up. i puff up hill, and have invented an new class: hike 'n huff.

it's just not worth it...i'm just going to sit on the couch and drink beer all week. :D
517 entrance:
Rt 80 west to exit 19. Right at the stop sign. About a mile or so look for a small sign on your right that says "Farm Road Crossing". It's opposite "Tranquility Farm Lane" on the left. If you see a fruit/vegetable stand on your right you've gone too far. Make this right and follow the dirt road to the end.
hey all- i have to bail on this. unless something changes dramatically with my pool in the next 24 hours, i'm definitely not going to be able to make it. fathers day again next year? :D

steve, we'll have to meet one day at KVSP. i work from home so i'm pretty flexible with time.

Too bad, Jake. Maybe next time. Who else is in on this, besides Scott? It's supposed to be a scorcher on Sunday - should we start this ride earlier or push it to next weekend?
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