Fat Tire Ale


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Anyone know of a decent liquor store that carries Fat Tire Ale? I cant find it anywhere. Live in Morris Cty. Thanks.


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Havent seen it anywhere down here either. My guess is that maybe that cool liquor store in NY may have it. My gut feeling is that New Belgium is non-existant in these parts. I may be wrong though. Someone on here was going west a while back and mentioned about bringing some back, but that was the last I heard of it.

Other than the name and MTB relation, I heard its not even that good of a beer.


According to their (new belgium) site.. there is no local distributors, however a specialty shop may have it. I know there is a place up in Parsippany on Rt. 46 that has odd brew, unfortunately I dont remember the name.



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Can't be had in NJ or shipped to NJ. I tried both with no success.


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they wont ship east of the mississippi. they are a green
carbon neutral kinda brewery. the stuff tastes better in fort collins anyway.


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i've had in chicago a few times and i do really like it. actually, a lot. i've spoken to the guy at A&P liquors in ledgewood which has one of the best beer selections that i've EVER come across. if sean weren't in AK he'd confirm this.

anyway, bob the beer man (from A&P) said it would be nearly impossible to get. without any distribution on the east coast (aka wholesalers), there's no one to order it from.


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Yes You Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have 1.5 cases sitting in my basement along with many other favorites. They are is Portland Oregon and will ship...yes it's a bit more to ship but 5 days and you will have it...and many more you can't get around here on their site. :D


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I had a couple tonight. They seem to be everwhere, but I'm at copper mountain in Colorado right now.


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That stuff is ubiquitous out west, at the tap to boot. Its good when its fresh from the tap. When was the last time anyone had a beer brewed in NJ fresh from a tap? And was it good?
I don't think its a stellar beer but its heart is in the right place and its pretty yummy. Good looking label if you are into bikes, and truth be told who is thinking about taste after a few pints?


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Kroughs Resturant & Brew pub Fresh tap brews, and they are excellent.
Thanks for the tip! Looks like some great brews to be had there. I live just outside of New Brunswick and have only sampled the goods at Harvest Moon, and can say they were pretty blahhhhhh. Its a college town so the bar is set pretty low it seams.

Hopefully joining the human race and getting a car in a few weeks, will make this place a destination sometime soon! after a bike ride nearby of course.
Can't be had in NJ or shipped to NJ. I tried both with no success.

We tried as well, no luck.

NJ has some odd laws in re interstate commerce acts that prohibit the DIRECT sale of alcoholic beverages from breweries/wineries/distilleries outside the borders of the state. One must go through a wholesale distributor or order from a local liquor store in order to get any specialty items. That is assuming the specialty brewer/vintner/distiller ships items to certain locations.

I found out about this a few years ago. We went to Maine and bought a few lovely bottles of Maine Blueberry Wine, fermented and bottled right on the blueberry farm owned by a small, independent winery. I inquired about ordering more, and the owner informed me that he could not ship to NJ without going through a distributor first, and that his wholesale lots were so small and inexpensive that no distributors in NJ would deal with him. I guess that means I have to get me back up to Maine soon!

Anyone interested in supporting a bill that would allow the direct sale of wine (at least, not sure if there is a proviso for beer or other spirits on the table), can read about Bill S1810, introduced in May 2008. Contact your local State Legislative Representative and ask them to pass this bill!**

**I know, small potatoes when cyclists are being killed due to lack of bike lanes, knowledge of rules and regs re: use of the road, etc. But we need something to dull the pain, I suppose ;)
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