fat 29er rims.


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Nice.. What tire do you plan on running with the fat arse rim.


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I predict you will have a tough time running those tubeless.


WW LT's? Rampages? Mountain Kings? That race is insane. Good luck...


entirely thrilled
for the race i'll actually be running 26x3" tires on 48mm 26" rims.

on the uma rims i'll be running either ww lt, rampage or racing ralphs if there will be no exposed rocks. the mt king 2.4 looks more like a 2.2 on 28mm wide rims, so i don't know how much good it'll be on 50mm ones. only one way to find out though i guess. i want to get a pair of them anyway because the tread is great and the sidewalls reasonably tough.
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