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I am not a huge football fan but still enjoy to playing fantasy football. Anyone have a league I can join up to or anyone want to start one? I am just looking for autodraft, low buy-in.


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Every year we usualy struggle to find a 10th for our league. It's not autodraft but it's not a money league. We're all too cheap. One of the guys will get a conf call number and we'll do it on a Tuesday night. If we need a 10th I'll keep you in mind if interested.


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not fantasy but, I had a Yahoo PickEM Pool the last couple of years that I wasnt sure I was going to set up this year.
it is just straight pickem, no spreads or confidence points...

wanna create a MTBNJ group???? who's in?

the others pools/leagues I play are with buddies down south, pain in the neck to manage the "accounting" side;)


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I'm interested

i love nfl football can't tell you my team because they're pathetic right now so anything to make it more interesting. actually you'll know by name on here


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I'm in a league with some people from work. If you guys set up a league on here I'd play. ESPN has a pretty nice layout and it's free.
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