Fall/Winter Clothing


What do you folks recommend as far as fall and/or winter Tights. I saw the earlier post about winter gear, but it was mostly about jerseys.

I use shorts and leg warmers today, but find that the warmers tend to slip.
I am thinking of something heavier - like tights from either Craft or Pearl Izumi.

I'm interested to hear what brands/models work for you ...

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Hey maybe try the long legged black spandex from garneau, the ones without the seat included. (CycleWorks in Byram) You slip them over your shorts. Leg warmers should not slip at all though honestly. You are wearing them under your shorts right? The long leggers can slip down too if you don't tie em up before you ride. The really heavy black long leggers are great for the middle of winter but if it's like 45 or higher they can cook you. Good luck.


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in the fall i wear a good ole flannel shirt when i ride and a some old jeans. winter hits then i tape the vents on my helmet, wear underarmor or long johns under windbreaker pants and a rain jacket.
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