Fall Racing is Here!


JORBA: Ringwood
Hey Ladies - The fall racing season is here, and if you were ever thinking about trying racing, now is a great time. You've had all season to ride and this is a great way to meet new people that can keep you riding through the winter. The H2H series has a few super fun races coming up: Blue Mt and Ringwood.

Here is my race review from last year ......

October 3, 2005 -
Racing in NY/NJ is still in full force for 05! Yesterday the H2H series took a stop at Blue Mt for the ‘Chain Stretcher” race. The race was held in the very woods that the Legend of Sleepy Hollow were too have taken place, and although I did not see any headless horsemen, I did see many happy mountain bikers and a lot of broken chains. Race properly named!

This race was particularly significant to me as it took me down on the pre ride last year when I broke my thumb. I had yet to go back, so I really felt like I had to do a pre ride the day before to get things straight in my head before the race. There was a slight dejavu when I met the same people in the parking lot as last year, but all went great on the course that day for the pre ride.

Call me crazy, but I decided to race singlespeed the next day. The course was probably a little too hilly for me on a ss, and way too technical for me in general, but I did it anyway. There is something about racing singlespeed that I enjoy. It has little to do with any macho stuff but more about transforming my attitude. Instead of steadying or pacing one’s self, it’s “full speed ahead or I won’t make it up that hill”. I also resort to my animal instinct and don’t think much. I really enjoy that!

The race was really tough and as it turned out my cranks ended up loosening up and my chain fell off a bit due the extremely rugged terrain or lack of knowledge of how to set up my ss, but even so, I was loving it. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your whole body into it and I didn’t need to announce myself on any of the climbs as my crickety, cranky, cranks were speaking loud for me. Had a good time and passed quite a few singlespeed and geared men on the climbs. That in it’s self was quite gratifying after having a poor race at Mammoth the week prior.

Anyway, it was a great day and an awesome fun race. I can’t believe how many people commented on how fun the course was, even people who DNF’d. Kudos to the WMBA for putting together a great race! Thanks to Tahir and Geoff from Campmor for your extended neutral support including my cranks afterwards!! You guys were great and I know you got little rest as this course was eating bikes alive!

Happy trails …

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