Fair Hills, Dark Horse, Allamuchy


Sarcaro and I are doing the DH as a team. My hubby is doing it solo. I think 24 Hours of Allamuchy is Team Dirty Gurlz.. although I think we are all shaking in our booties on that one!


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I'm in for the DH 40 - Solo :getsome:

As for Allamuchy... it's cancelled. I really enjoyed racing the 24 hours the past few years, sad to see it go.


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I just got a new bike! So I am going to "ride the Fair Hills race casually".... I am registering today. I am ALREADY reigsitered for the DH40. When 4 of my BFFs are doin it, id rather ride a little and pass the time then just sit on the sidelines and hand off water bottles!


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I'm doing the DH40 solo.

Fair Hills is a possibility, but I haven't decided yet.
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