fair hill, md & the catskills


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here's my recent ride in fair hill, md ( a philly mtb ride)


i like to mtb in around around windham, ny

my camper has been at blackhead/blackdome mtns for 10 years, but just recently began mtb in and around them
DEC Finalizes Catskill Park State Land Master Plan: Wilderness Ares Expanded, Bike Routes Approved

Specific changes from the original plan include the following:

Create a new land classification – Primitive Bicycle Corridor – to encompass approximately 145 acres. The Master Plan reclassifies four trail corridors (100 feet wide) through existing or proposed new wilderness areas mostly in Greene County, that will allow the public to use a bicycle but will otherwise be managed to wilderness guidelines. These corridors are along old roads and have had historic bicycle use:

a) Indian Head Wilderness: Mink Hollow Road
b) Indian Head Wilderness: Overlook: Overlook Turnpike
c) Hunter-Westkill Wilderness: Diamond Notch Road
d) Blackhead Range: Colgate Lake

In Wild Forests, allow for bicycle use on roads open to public, state truck trails, old wood roads, foot trails, snowmobile trails, and horse trails, unless such use is deemed unsuitable through the Unit Management Planning Process…

Complete plan and map is online at http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/43013.html


Complete Nonsense
fair hill loop

it looks like you got to both sides of route 273

the philly mtb leader pointed out the steep bridge to us

i would check out fair hill again, but i am hankering to get to wissahickson

it's a little closer to north jersey, so maybe one day a group from north jersey could get to wiisahickon

personnaly, i'll probably go to gloucester community college over the holidays

my bro - in -law says there's a lot of roots, there, i guess he hasn't been to patriot's path/lewis morris

be that as it may, santa should bring me some upcoming south jersy mtb rides

glouscester community college
fail hill
and/or white clay

happy holidays
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