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'dats the one. I was hoping one of our CPA//Tax Attorney types could answer a question for me.


On that note does anyone have any good feedback/experiences with the online tools such as eTrade and the rest?

I'm interested in ease of use, wealth of information provided, charges levied - stuff like that. I understand that monetary growth is down to me and my choices, I just want to be able to make more informed purchases and sales.


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i use fidelity. its not so great for day trading but i get by. what they are great at is there are local branches with ridiculously helpful people that give you tons of free financial services and tea and hot chocolate :)
they also offer really cool banking options like linking your savings to an atm card, and since they don't have banks with cash, they pay ALL the atm machine fee's for wherever you take money out.
i use fidelity as my main bank account. they have a local branch in morristown where i can drop off my paycheck and i do all my bill paying through their online thingy.

more aggressive daytrading i'd look elsewhere, their stocks buying and selling thing is pretty basic but it gets the job done. i do some daytrading/swingtrading during the day if i'm in the office with it fine though. no super advanced charts and math and stats and stuff though but usually you can find most of what you want though google finance or yahoo finance.


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Anyone familiar with it?

FAS 46 - Financial Reporting and Changing Prices: Motion Picture Films (as amended); superceded by FAS 89 - Financial Reporting and Changing Prices (as amended). I can email you the document if you want. This preceeds Enron. It was issued in December 1986 .
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