Experience with Burley Trailers (Cub?)


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I live a stone's throw from the Canal Path that connects New Brunswick down to Trenton (6 Mile is not far from where I live) and my kids are getting old enough to come on some training rides with me. The Burley Cub caught my eye with the capability of transporting two kids and the use of a suspension system to take off the jolts of the bike path (not road riding).

Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar child trailer that the would recommend? Is the Canal Path too rough for a trailer?

Anyone have a good trailer they are trying to unload?


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Chariot carriers kill the competition. I've got a CX1 that I picked up used off Craigslist, and it's been great- I take my son out trail riding with me in it (on easier, smoother trails), and he loves it. He was about 20 months when I first took him riding with me. Minimum age for bike trailer use is one year...


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Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar child trailer that the would recommend? Is the Canal Path too rough for a trailer?

I had a Burley Solo for a few years. I had my daughter in it around her first birthday. Then my son used it till he grew too big. I no longer have it. I used it on the D&R Canal towpath a bunch of times. That surface is fine.

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Ben is awesome w/ his kids. And his kids are pretty good at that. I wonder where Emily got the tounge outta the mouth look???


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That looks like a sweet family-friendly trail. Where is the D&R canal and how long of a ride is it?



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Ben, great pics and vids but shouldn't your son have a helmet on also? Sorry, just being a troublemaker.


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Your kids are either going to be insane cyclists or hate bikes forever.


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My wife and I bought the In Step trailer from Sears or something. It was a fraction of the price of the Burley and the Chariot. It has all the same safety features, steel cage, 5 point harness, anti-tip over hook up, reflectors, etc. It has a storage area, sits 2, converts to a jogger and easily folds up. My daughter liked it but likes riding her own bike more.


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i picked up an in-step turbo trailer on CL for $40. Only "problem" is it is an older model and it clamps to the non-drive side stay, and it was interfering with the disc rotor. i wrapped an old inner tube around the stay, no problems.

on rail trails, we don't put helmets on the kid(s) in the trailer. lids on when we are on or near a road.

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The Chariots are really nice. We've sold many. Dennis if you're interested I have my Burley D'lite that is no longer being used. You can have it for a great price. Give me a call or shoot me a PM if interested.



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I just couldn't stand to hook up a bargain trailer to my expensive boutique brand mountain bike. The Chariots *look* the best/sleekest, and that's what counts, isn't it? I was suckered in by the aero-section rims, red ano'd hubs and radial-laced wheels. ;)

Oh yeah- 29er's are superior for towing baby trailers. ;)
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