Event at DMP - August 18, 2018


aka Fidodie
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Hey all - Just a quick heads-up that on the morning of August 18th,
the Garden State Swim-Run will be held in DMP and the adjoining lakes.

@ajcourain, @axcxnj, and his @brother are very involved in the event. Kinda cool, you jump in the water, swim, get out, run, swim, run, swim run, until the course is over.
much better than the straight up splash-n-dash. it is also less complicated to coordinate, and reduces the cost for the organizer and athlete (the arms race for the bike)

Anyway, best to avoid the park that morning, although it remains open to those that want to ride, hike, or run. This is getting to be a very popular event.

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aka Fidodie
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Bumpity bump.

In case anyone wants to help out, i'll be trail trimming on friday from 9:00 to 2:00.
Wear a jorba shirt
meet at the Randolph beach back parking lot
bring a bike