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Was riding around the lake Saturday, hopped on red to white then (please correct me if I'm wrong) and there was a Jorba sign that posted erosion and the trail detoured right, white I think. I'm still a bit confused about where I was but I know the trail I took ended up behind that abandoned barn and house. Super spooky. So what is with the erosion there?


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Thought i knew the place pretty well but have never seen an abandoned barn and house. Weird.

And the lake you were going around was Cranberry? Or is this all meant to be Deer Park (Allamuchy South)?

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy

If you ended up at the Red Barn (which is on Rt 517 near the Panther Valley Strip Mall) you missed the left turn up the re-route of that section of the White Tr (it was blazed; White). The section that was re-routed is an old logging/carage Road that went right down (or up)the fall line (17% grade). The re-route was put in with the Parks permission and utilizes IMBAs trail standards.

Sorry you missed the turn, we will get out there to make sure the blazes are still up to make sure no one misses the turn.

Bob W.


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I love the eerie feeling of abandoned places. I have to find this sometime. I don't really know any trails east of the white and green trails on the east side of the park. Will have to explore over there some day.


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I mean Deer Park Allamuchy South, sorry guys.

The barn and house happen to be on Google Earth, people have posted pics of it if you search for Deer Park.

- and Bob, don't apologize, my bad. If you mean South (I posted wrong section) I remember a white but thought maybe the way I was going would connect. I even had a map but felt like winging it. Ya know how you get your sense of direction and it sometimes feel really good? lol There was a huge tree down and a road closed street sign, that should have led us to believe the trail ended there lol

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