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I ordered a pair the other day in the team color green to match my green machine Stumpy. They look and feel very comfortable.


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just checked the old forum from 07 when will the saddles and gloves be available? I might have an interest in purchasing them as well.


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From page 5 of the linked thread, "most likely gloves will hit our market in 09".

Jeff has been known to stop by here once in a blue moon. Look him up and send him a pm.


I have these :

Those grips are perfect for long epic rides on fire roads ,
most of the riding here in NJ are in tight trails and they feel a bulky - since they are beefy, my hands are not locked over the grips which giving me less secure feel then the traditional design .
in addition , the bar-ends which are helpful during long climb can be dangerous here ... I'm planning to replace them with more traditional grip.
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Yeah, i just read all 15 pages of the forum you attached. I can't wait til they come in so I can get out there and try them out. Thanks


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Its a personal preference thing. Depends where you ride, your riding style, your bike position, bike setup, etc. For me, I take them off and on. For longer rides, they are good. They are also good in the winter for me since my hands get so cold, I notice a difference with these, probably because of less pressure on the ulnar nerve which keeps my hands from getting numb too fast. Generally I prefer a round grip (esi cush is nice), especially when I go to baldplate or round valley or anywhere technical.
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