Eno SS Hub?

I personally haven't used one, but several people here including Jdog, Army of none, and a few others use the hub, all with good reports.
Great hub IMO. I have had it on my SS for 5 or 6 months now. Super smooth, extremely low maintenance and no worries. I havent tried the tensioner thing bc of all the issues i hear that come with it. So i dont have much to compare it to. But i love my SS and wouldnt have done it any other way.

Just a note, you will have to pick up a 19 mm cone wrech or something of the sorts to adjust the chain tension on the hub.
I love mine, makes a non ss frame very clean. I have had it derail a few times but I think it stems from new chain stretch and me not adding tension and checking the torgue before rides.
Best way to make a hardtail into a ss.

Not the cheapest.

I stock the hubs all the time and build on them often.

The Disc version (that I run on my f-29er) is a bit tricky to work with but I have wired and I would not go back..

The ONLY down side is that you may very slightly change the geometry of the bike as the hub goes though it's sweeping path.

As J. notes, the cost is a factor, but you're paying for a handmade, beautifully finished hub that will last a long time, and the wheel can be taken from bike to bike if you wish.

ENO gives you the ability to ride any (non-FS) frame as a true single speed. I've been running one for a little over a year now and the return on my investment is impossible to calculate, in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction.
Thanks for all the feedback. I was getting ready to buy a chain tensioner but now I'm thinking of taking this route after hearing all the positive feedback.
I had Jdog build one of these for me a few years back. I rode it for 2 seasons with no troubles at all. Do not be afraid to tighten the nuts up good and tight. Otherwise you will get some slippage.
perhaps a cheaper alt

I had my Cannondale converted to SS by Campmor. What a great job. Instead of a SS hub, they put on a PAUL tensioner. It really looks like a tiny derailuer, but WOW that chain is always tight! I have only popped it once while powering through mud. One cool thing was the "spacer" I need. Jeff at Campmor used one of my smaller gear cogs,...He grinded the teeth off and then spaced the chain and my SS 18 cog! The whole conversion was less than 100 bucks.
In the end I decided to take a cheap route and I bought a Rennen Rollenlager chain tensioner. My girlfriend will be riding the bike most of the time so if it sucks at least I wont have to deal with it too much. I'll definitely keep the Eno in mind if I do a more expensive conversion down the line. Oh and I'll post up some pics of the ride once it's done
So I'm back at it with this again. Just an update from my last post. I finished building up my first SS out of an 03 Rockhopper (that I did manage to get for free). And on my first ride out with her, I managed to break the headtube!

So last night I bought, I bought an 02 Kona Kaboom Single Speed frame off of Ebay. I figure this time around, if I'm going to do a SS I should do it right so I went with a frame with horizontal dropouts. Anyways I guess the Eno hub wouldn't do me much good now that I have the hd, so does anyone have any suggestions? I came across this cheap guy on Nashbar but seems kind of heavy http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?category=&subcategory=&brand=&sku=12033&storetype=&estoreid=&pagename=Show%20All%20Products
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Okay, it looks like I have my answer, and that is spend a bunch of money that I don't have :hmmm: I'm sure I'll be enjoying it once I have it up and running though! As for most of the parts, yes they will be coming from the Rockhopper. And as for the Rockhopper itself, it was in good condition when I got it, a friend of mine moved to San Diego and didn't have room for it so left it for me. I'm just that good...
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