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April 12, 2008

To all MTBNJ members,

If you are itching to get yourself ready for the spring and getting back outside in the sun, your chance to get ready is coming soon. Club Day is just around the corner and that means a chance for you to save 20% on everything in our stores and enjoy a fun, exciting day with us.

It all happens April 18 – 19.

This exclusive sale is for club members only. Bring this letter, your club membership card or some other means of validating your membership and save 20% on gear and apparel you need for all your summer adventures. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting a few things for a group outing, I think you’ll like what we’ve got in store for spring.

We’ve got our usual assortment of Rocky Mountains, like the Element 50 and the Slayer 50. There are still some 2006 & 2007 Rocky Mountain and Iron Horse bikes at even better deals than the Club Day discount. We also have the beautiful 2008 Salsa El Mariachi 29er and our usual assortment of Fuel Belts and trail running shoes. New this year we've got Scott road bikes, including the CR1 Team and Speedster 30

Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Mountain Sports and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Brian Rosener
Store Manager
EMS Bridgewater
347 US Highway 202/206 South
Bridgewater, NJ 08807


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Gee, suddenly I don't feel so special after getting the same letter after doing TM at CR yesterday.:rolleyes:

Just kidding, TM has its own rewards of course.


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These sales are great, i bought my kayak last year during a similar sale. It should be 20% off of anything and everything in the store.

Not So Fast

Membership Card

Membership card, you wanna see my membership card. I don't got no stinking membership card...:getsome:
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A nod for EMS...

I recently bought several articles of clothing that are the EMS in-house brand and I have to admit they have been great! There is ALOT of selection if you don't want that bike clothing look but still get the same benefits I believe the line is called techwick and comes in alot of colors, styles etc... I'll be there to save some money...

On a seperate note, service is also top notch- Paul has done fork rebuilds, bike building, and mysterious "creak" finding on several of my rides and has always delivered great service.
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