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Legal Offroad ride/race in Essex County

Go to website below:


A Cyclocross series has been oked by the county to be put on in the old Essex Mountain Sanatorium. This is the first step in getting mountain bikeing back in essex county. This is the first permit issued for off road bicycle riding in Essex County NJ since the early nineties. Please respect the course and residents in the area. This is a test series and will be evaluated by county officials. Race flyer is posted at Montclairbikery.com. Any questions feel free to call us at the Montclair Bikery at 973 744-7252 ask for Tim or Ray. There will be trail maintance/course set up Friday night 10/7meeting @ the Bikery 145 Valley Road Montclair NJ 07042

I've been told this is more of a short Mountain bike race since the course is more geared to mtnbikes. The guys that are putting it on are real cool. The races are on October 15, 22, and 29th. Reg opens at 11:30 so you can even sleep later! Hope to see you there, NJ Jess
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Yes, one race did happen,...

Unfortunately, the property was up for sale and a company bought it. They didn't mind if the series continued since they couldn't build on it that fast. The problem came in the sense of insurance and liability. One can still ride the area since they still haven't done anything with the land. It was more of a Mountain biking course than cyclocross. A lot of racers thought it was too tough on a cyclocross bike. Smiles, Jess
njrider said:
so it's ridable, anyone can go there and just ride?

I used to go up there before they ripped the buildings down and had lots of problems with the police. I'm not really sure if they'll be friendly to people in the area.

For those interested in the history of the area, check this site out. http://www.mountainsanatorium.net/
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