Early Morning Rides?


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Hey Roadies, I live in Ringwood and typically get up at 4:45AM every morning to head to the gym before work. Now that the sun is up just after this and it's warm enough, is anyone interested in an early morning ride? No traffic, no people, just clear roads and the sunrise. If anyone is interested in setting a morning ride up, let me know for sure.


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constructive twocents:

stop whoring threads :)

Seriously though, I was into mtb'n when I was a kid. I became seriously involved with motorcycles for close to 10 years when I decided to just stop riding for interest in a better future. I got really into fitness, started boxing and wanted something else to do. I chose a Road Bike and really love it. I would love to get a MTB, but at the moment, I just can't swing the money for it. Definitely in the future. I know all these trails from hiking my whole life. My back yard goes straight into the forest with trails leading up to skyline.


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thanks. it's been too long, but will be updated soon.

all contributions to your thread, pointless or not, keep it at the top of the pile....


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honestly, don't expect anything less than a crotch goosing from norm. he's good like that. :D

next week, provided the illness is completely gone, i'll be road boy at 5:30ish. gotta push the saddle time up, up, up for the next two months.
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