e-thirteen bashguard


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anyone use it and if so dose the poly hold up, thinking of dumping big ring for a 32t bash ring not so much for bashing but for a little extra clearence?


I have beat the pi$$ out of mine up at diablo for the past 2 seasons. It is very strong, and I have never had any cracking problems, as mentioned in some reviews.

I would def. recommend the guard to anyone, however there are many other (lighter) options out there. The supercharger is pretty heavy.


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i don't use the e13, but two of my friends that ride do - they seem to really like them. one of them rides anything the earth throws at him, and he knows an awful lot about bike tech, so if he rides it, i would trust its a good product (he posts occasionally, hopefully he'll post up here).

i use a race face ring myself - its completely smooth, made of metal - i have had no issues with it, but i dont really ride all that hard, and i try to ride without slamming into things a whole lot.


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if you are just looking for clearance, just get some minimal. The race face ones are popular. I have a salsa and it has just enough beef where you need it but not overbuilt.


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I also enjoy the look and feel of the race face. Looked at the E13 too, but i recall it was heavier and thicker.


I use the E13 and it holds up really well. I used to use Race Face and MRP bash gaurds, I find the E13 Poly doesn't hang up as much over things. Just make sure you use the washers they provide and dont beast the chainring bolts
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