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Hey guys. Yesterday a few folks showed up to do some TM at JHab and we took care of a few downed trees that were in the trails. But instead of cutting and moving them there were some ramps and rock piles installed :D They are fun to play on and good in both directions. The lower one is nice and easy but the upper takes some effort. I of course had to go back after working on them and ride em! I cleaned them in both directions and they are solid. Check it out if you've got the time to explore. :)


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Went to JH for the second time and didn't get majorly lost like last time but it was difficult linking a good run in there, as most of the trails are so new and unmarked. The work that you guys have done in there is amazing. While the mileage is currently low the fact that so much of is MTB oriented singletrack more than makes up for it. I saw a lot of markings for future work too. It would seem that the park is being pretty open about letting new trails be cut eh? That is awesome.



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I will be riding there today at 430pm if anyone wants to meet up, I will be in a silver truck riding a trance

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