Dual Slalom full suspension bike for trail riding?


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Ok, so I've been getting antzy waiting for spring and have decided I'm not a 29er man(much to everyone's dismay). I've decided that it's going and I'm getting something new, and more importantly, something fun. So I'm thinking about building up a full suspension ds bike for my everyday bike. The frame in question is a Banshee Rampant which I'd run a Rockshox Revelation Maxle w/Uturn. I figure that with the long frame they offer that I can fit it pretty well using a 110 or 120mm stem for everyday riding, and have a backup if I want to hit the mountain and I can wind down the fork. I'm wondering if anybody has had the same thought or maybe even ride a ds bike in the trails. Let me know you're thoughts, even if you think it's the STUPIDEST IDEA YOU EVER HEARD!!! I can take it:)


I used to trail ride my brookyn park bike all the time it was a hardtail though.It was designed 24' rear and 26' ft but I ran 26-26.


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as long as the frame 'fits' i don't think its a dumb idea. the only thing i would be a little worried about is the seat tube set up. i've taken my DJ bike out on the trails and honestly it sucked, not only because the frame was too small, but the seat tube set up was no good for pedalling at all. a DS bike might be limited for seat tube height.

depending on the bike's geo - i'm sure you get some fun trail rides on a DS or a slopestyle bike... or if you can with a heavier duty all mtn bike or a freeride bike and maybe have a more suitable bike for trails.
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Sounds like the TT is too short for you if you are going to run an XC length (110-120mm) stem on the frame to get good fit.

The Rockshox Revelation would not be a good option if you are going to be riding DH courses if that is what you mean by "hit the mountain" other than smooth trails like upper and lower dominion or a DS course and that still might be pushing it if your a medium to large rider or hard on equipment.

As clarkstein says the seat tube set up (length) and angle aren't suited for everyday riding.
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as long as the frame 'fits' i don't think its a dumb idea. the only thing i would be a little worried about is the seat tube set up. i've taken my DJ bike out on the trails and honestly it sucked, not only because the frame was too small, but the seat tube set up was no good for pedalling at all. a DS bike might be limited for seat tube height..

The seat angle and seat tube length are two serious considerations. The Blur 4x would fit me well, but it's not being made anymore. The Banshee has a 70 degree seat angle, so it might put me back pretty far. I gotta figure a few things out.


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Definitely not a stupid idea, at least in my books as I've done the same thing for the past few seasons. That Banshee looks cool but I'd also give a serious look into the Sinister Gruitr (what I'm running now): http://sinisterbikes.com/gruitr.php and the Transition Bottlerocket (I had one a couple years ago): http://transitionbikes.com/BottleRocket_GeometrySizing.cfm

After a quick look the Gruitr has a longer TT and seattube in the size large. Like syadasti said, a 110-120mm stem is on the long side for that type of bike. I'd keep it around 75mm to keep the fun level up.

I don't know much about the RS Revolation but have a Fox 36 Talas and love it. The 3 levels of travel is great to match to the terrain and you can make it stiffer for hitting jumps which is the most fun thing on DS FS type bikes.

I have mine built in the medium weight range and it's under 35lbs. I usually have a 50mm stem on it but have ridden it with a 75mm and it defintely feels better on climbs. I've used it one XC trails in the area, up @ CR and in VT last year and it was always fun. That being said, I'm tossing around selling it as I don't ride XC stuff that much and might just build up a semi-burly SS rig for when I do.

O yeah, I don't have any pics of it but here is a small vid of one of my first rides on it: A little fun run on the Gruitr There's no tape on the cs so excuse all the noise.


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thats kinda what I did. I have a different fork for the bike parks. A bit heavy at 36 pounds, but I dont really mind it. The Devinci Wilson Frame is supposed to be strictly DH. With a few modifications it climbs quite well


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Good luck with your bike man! Be sure to post up when it's complete. I am on the same boat and looking for a FS all mtn/FR bike myself. Hitting the more technical riding in the mountains with drops and burly downhills amplifies mtb'ings fun factor.


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I just got on a IH MKII, it's a hair under 30lbs, I've got a few XC rides on it, spent a day jumping it, and launched it off a decent size drop. They are reasonablly priced as well.

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Definitely not a stupid idea, but can be a bit limiting. I've occassionally thought of picking up an early Tazer FS (FSR design) which were fitted with a stub and cable guides for a front derailluer. Of course, running a single ring with a chain guide works as well, and probably what most normal people would do.

I agree a 100-120mm is a bit long... providing you actually plan to use the bike for its intended use from time to time. I'm currently running a 65mm stem. I'm willing to give up climbing efficiency for better jumping and decending stability.

One of the problems with many DS-specific frames (the Foes and Intense models come to mind) for XC/trail use is the seat tube. Besides usually being rather slack, they are not really set up to run a seat at full pedalling height. Depending on your height, this may or may not be an issue. At 5'10", it is for me.

Warcricket has seen my DS/jumping bike: a first year Chameleon with a Z1 "dual", 38t front ring & MRP guide, and a broken 9 spd XT set-up. Years ago I got a quick ride on a Tazer FS (Jay DeJesus' in fact) on some dirt-jump trails near Bethlehem... Fell in love with that bike then... Although being out of practice means I can't jump for crap right now... :(


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Do you remember my warp? Just get a road cassette, drs guide and some fat tyres. Have fun :D

but you do realize once its built you will want to be on a 29er again


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another ride you could look at is the banshee wildcard.

the standover is great at just under 29" for the L size. the chainstays are pretty short for a FS, bottom bracket is at a good height for trail riding (about 13.5 inches), and its got adjustable travel adjustments, so you can either 5" of travel in the back or go up to 6.5" - and even with the extra travel position you could keep a relatively sane headangle in the 68 degree range which wouldn't be ideal for climbing, but would work.

the one big thing i would worry about is the seat tube length (again). the wildcard's seat tube is only 16" long - you can get an long thompson seat post (around 16" long) and probably get yourself into a decent pedalling position, but it may not be ideal depending on your height.

the other thing i would worry about is the effective top tube could be a little short, leaving you farther forward on the bike, which could end up with a cramped pedaling position.

after reading some reviews it sounds like a fun bike to ride.
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