DT Swiss EX 5.1 Wheelset


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I figured i wouild write a review about a product I was disappointed with. I just finished the 08 DH season on a set of 5.1's. They were light and looked great but the rim was very soft for any kind of rocky terrain. At low tire preasure the rim was very suseptable to dings and a loss of spoke tension. This rim is really marketed as an all mountain use, but I guess the IH Sunday I was riding was built with weight as an issue.

I would not recomend this rim for anyone who rides the northern part of the state or Westchester. Any sort of direct blow to the rim will result in a flat spot and a disappointed rider. I am currently back on Atomlab wheels. They are truley bombproff.


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you're absolutely correct about DT's rim.
i have DT EX 5.1d they dent so easyly. with mavic no problem at all.


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I've heard the same about 5.1's. One positive about the soft metal I've heard online is that the rim will take the force instead of blowing out a tire or tube. Not bad if you are racing DH and getting flow from DT and have a mechanic that can lace up a wheel for you between runs but for some others...

And I also heard that DT Swiss was making them stronger for this year but it sounds like yours were pretty recent.
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