dry socket


entirely thrilled
anyone ever get one? how long did it take to heal? had two wisdom teeth extracted last monday, realized one had lost the clot(obviously early on) today. it doesn't really hurt at all, i'm just wondering how long it'll take to heal up, generally, and how vigorous i need to now be about keeping it free of food particles.

dry socket is basically a hole where your tooth used to be, instead of a blood clot that speeds up healing. i can see my jawbone.
Dry socket should have been excruciatingly painful early on. Now that the pain is gone yer okay cept that you should "lightly swish" warm salt water there to get any stray food particles out. The hole takes quite a while to go away bro.
sounds good. i had an infection under the little gum flaps hanging over the impacted tooth for a while, and i was comparing any pain i felt to that. it was all really mild in comparison. i started taking the percocet they gave mainly because i was bored....
I had 4 wisdom teeth out a few years back and picked-up dry socket. Main was painful and oozing a bit so I went back to the dock and he gave me goodies to feel better.

If you got food particles in that there hole then they will fester and become pretty painful so you should be good about swilling it out with salt water as Wazu suggests...
sean, rinse baby, rinse! and yes, be diligent about food getting in back there. avoid it at all costs. the pain can be terrible. (I have a childhood memory of my mother getting it, and all the crying she did because of it, so when I had my WT removed, I was rinsing diligently). I didn't need a single painkiller after my teeth were yanked, thankfully.
i went back to the dentist(i think she likes me). she put one of these little wadded up gauze bits with all kinds of gooey stuff on it. made everything it touched go numb for a bit. she said it looked pretty good though, so i guess i'm keeping it clean enough. the pain i felt might have been from the stitches finally letting loose, which they did the other day.
The pain could just be an after the fact kind of thing, I mean from the trauma of the teeth being pulled.
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