drugs, apathy or sick joke?



My feelings are best summed up in a quote that I read on another forum...

Just saw Britney Spears on the VMA's. She looks like a day shift stripper. She frumped around stage like she was try to keep from stepping in dog shit. Zero energy, with none of the good ole "dirty whore" stuff we have all grown to love. Just what you would expect to see if your Mom was up there dancing.

Other than her tits, the whole thing was pretty sad to watch. No matter what, she can't hide that look of "Batshit Crazy" in her eyes.

God I hate MTV.


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I'd say she's got that 1000 yard stare of the drug-induced apathy.


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Sadly it's probably more mental illness than anything but likely will never get professionally treated as such.


I really like that weave. Gave her that sexy 'Predator' sort of look...


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First off that outfit was a bit tight for her with that strecthed out baby belly...maybe 3 years ago that would have been great. She looked like a deer in headlights and didn't even try to lipsync or dance it was horrible especially for the hype they created. Plus all this studio music and beat machines that floods the airways today STINKS
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