Dropper post - silly question

one piece crank

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Can you hang a dropper-equipped bike from the seat, or hold the upper dropper post in a bike stand clamp? Just wondering if it only handles downward loads...


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Thomson says no to both, but doesn't offer any recommendations or alternatives. That being said, I will hang the bike from the saddle at races. When using a work stand, I wrap the stanchion with a rag and gently clamp. Here's a video from Seth's Bike Hacks https://t.co/dKlj9EamDf?amp=1

Karate Monkey

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If it has a mechanical top out (so, almost all of them), you literally can't damage it aside from 1) scratching the stanchion, or 2) crushing it.

Reverbs are mad sensitive to it, though, so I wouldn't do it unless it was a brand new post/newly serviced/newly bled remote.