Dropper Post - Less Than Full Extension

Hi Guys,

I have a dropper post, my first. Used bike, about 6 years old. Haven’t ridden it much but starting to now. Giant Trance, Giant dropper post, cable actuated.

The post doesn’t extend back up to full extension. I completely loosened the seat post clamp but that didn’t help. Once the seat extends I have to give it a yank up to full extension.

Any ideas on what I should look for?



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I’ve got the no name brand dropper on my XtC, and have the same issue. If it’s a 27.2 like mine, look at the PNW Pine IR (internal). I’m probably gonna change mine out for that one. Stellar reviews.


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I'd pull the post out to make sure it's not corroding inside the frame . Even on my carbon frames the aluminum starts oxidizing and is sometimes difficult to remove .
Thanks to all for the advice.
Report back.
Adjusted the cable tension both directions, didn’t help. Removed seat to actuate lever by hand inside top of post. Seat went down, wouldn’t come up as I pressed on the lever. Back to lever on bar, came up partially.

Played with cable housing inside frame and that helped a little. After adjusting cable some more I was able to get the post to fully extend. Victory, almost, if I was to ride without a seat.

I put the seat back on and it acted exactly the way it did before, partial extension only.

Took seat off. Post fully extended. Laid seat on top of post... partial extension only. Found something lighter than the seat, laid it on top, extended more than with the seat but still only partially. Seems that adding weight to post stops full extension. Guess the hydraulics inside post are almost shot.


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My Giant contact posts are quite sensitive to cable tension. If its just a touch too slack it responds as if it has a weak cartridge. Activating the lever directly as you did should rule that out, but thought I would mention it just in case.

Ive saw cartridges online for around $60 earlier this week while shopping for a dropper, but if you go that route keep in mind there were a few different generations of that post and I dont think the carteidges are interchangeable across all versions.

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Worst case, pull the cartridge and copy the number on it. Wintek makes a ton of different styles, and some are cross-compatible, since they make *a lot* of the OEM droppers you see.