Driving Under the Cell Phone Influence

I knew it was coming just not when....Hands free device mania is around the corner.....I wonder what companies are currently leading this technology into the next 5 years....Could help a mans portfolio knowing that:hmmm:
thats why i text w/o looking at the keys.

OTOH, there are still many other things that can be done while driving that are not illegal (shaving, eating, make up and others) Nj laws are funny
driving while watching tv

I saw a new one last week on the way to work...

I'm on I-80 east bound around 6 am, between Allamuchy and Mt. Olive, and I look over to see a PA driver with one of those mini tv's propped up on the dash board with the news on. He was the only person in the car...watching TV while driving :confused:

Wonder when the cell phone law will be expanded to include no TV in the front seat. :hmmm:
The thing I find amazing is that someone would think of watching TV while driving, in traffic no less...

"Of all our senses, common sense is the least common" - this pretty much applies
It is illegal in NJ to have a television that is visible to the driver. Im sure PA law is just the same. however id love to watch sportscenter while on my way in to work.
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