drivetrain clunk



Is this your set up?:

Because I *think* you can use the more heavy duty BB with it:



no, I have an xc bb and evolve DH crank(no big ring just a bash guard)

how do they install and what else would I need?


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I was thinking of getting a truvative gigapipe,thoughts,questions,concerns?

I recall reading on that it's best to use the same brand cranks and BB. Even though the spline is a "standard" (ISIS), in reality they are not all exactly the same. An experienced mechanic would know if those two brands work well together. I've always used Shimano XT BB's (internal bearings) and never had a problem with them breaking or even wearing out. I have one on my road bike with close to 30K miles on it and no signs of wear or tear. I have not heard anything good about the durability of the external bearing setup, but have no personal experience with them.
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