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Am considering picking up one of these Kona Units, rigid single speed 29r, mainly for training on and just to be stupid. I figured it is a pretty inexpensive way of checking out both worlds with one bird (or something like that) Any of you guys that made the commitment have any thoughts on this as a choice? (please don't compare it to some $3K bike.:)Thanks.


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I bought a similarly spec'd Haro Mary two years ago. I bought it simply because it was the cheapest trail-worthy bike that the shop had. It just happened to be 29er and SS (rigid too).

It is a long story but that bike ignited a spark. I hadn't been on my MTB for two years prior to getting the Mary. It became new and fresh again. While I have since upgraded, my only MTB is still a rigid/SS/29er. Yeah it may not be ideal for some places, but I take it there anyway. :D


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(please don't compare it to some $3K bike.:))

The Kona Unit is not nearly as light or nice as my SuperFly:D

Being the SuperFly is 4K and not 3K I believe this is a fair comparison;)

But for serious. Just to peep out the big wheels you may be better off doing what 1,000 other guys have already done, start with a Haro Mary SS or maybe even the new aluminum version Ally SS. Both are budget conscious. If you wanted something a little more versatile, look into the Fisher Rig because you can convert it into a geared bike if you decide you like the big wheels, which you will;)



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The Unit is a solid choice. Steel frame, disc brakes. You can't beat these 29er SS's for bang for the buck.

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We've sold a fair-share of Units last year. These mostly went to the Rutger's guys, but we sold a bunch to people looking for a solid bike.

I am disappointed, however, they did away with the purple color for the Units. I thought it was pretty...

You'll love it.


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go for the unit, cause everyone and their mom already have a mary.
you nor your mom have a mary :p so zip it :cool:

Thanks to Pat Brown I have a sweet Mary SS. After 7 months with it, I don't think I'm a 29er guy but its a sweet ride to have around. I just stripped it, cleaned it and now its all back together. That process has made me appreciate the Mary more and considering upgrades, but when that bike was out of commission I rode my geared 26" and honestly, I missed it. But guess what. I tasted the juice and it was and still is good. I have options with the Mary around but I am thinking breathing new life into it. I miss the gears & can't make my mind up about 29 & I'm anticipating tasting the new flavor wheel size :D Long story short, go for it man! Like Frank say, life's too short!


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If you are on the fence, I have a 18" Mary demo that you can borrow.

Mary is the gateway drug..



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Just be advised that you can buy a hanger for the Mary and add gears. It will just have to be a 1x9 set up. I did contiplate this for a while.

Second and most important I will be looking to sell mine in the near future, and it will have a suspension fork, upgraded components and prob a bit cheaper than retail. :hmmm:


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Second and most important I will be looking to sell mine in the near future, and it will have a suspension fork, upgraded components and prob a bit cheaper than retail. :hmmm:
Not to mention the history of illustrious riding it carries!


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That Gary fisher rig comes with a F29 fork.


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I really dig my '08 Rig (in sexy mocha), since I got it that is all I ride, cost $1k new out of the box. The F29 RL fork is worth half that. And yes, if for some unfathomable reason someone wants to convert it to geared, there are cable guides.


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Thanks for all the responses, now that I can see I got the hardcore believers attention I can bore you with my thought process to help me narrow this down. Some factoring details, I did some work for my lbs where I get my Orbea bikes from and am considering this as a barter so I have the following options: Unit as mentioned, Big Unit (obviously nicer but no longer rigid),Orbea Lanza (I am partial to Orbea but this is a 29r geared with front suspension and I think defeats the purpose of the experiment, although these are really nice...). Fuji also has only this option so not really a contender. I also have access to Giant and Felt( but no options). Without creating an uproar I know there are lot of people who say no need for suspension for a 29r. Obviously this has all to do with where you ride which also makes this tougher as it varies as much as the H2H courses do. I am also average height, 5'8"+ and I have read that there are those similar who felt 29 was not for them because of that. Then I thought 26ss but I think I could benefit from the 29... and then I go in circles. So here is how I wind up back at the unit as I do plan on racing my Orbea hardtail this season and it seems a reasonable way to check out both single speed and 29, with the question being rigid or not.


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Do it up homes. With the way you descend on a hardtail 26er, I can only imagine you'll fly.

Thanks for the confidence bro, although my fastest descending is usually when I come off the bike and flying through the air.
I need to get back in touch with you with the graphics stuff, will get in touch later.


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if you ONLY ride down south, only ride Lewis Morris, only ride the race courses or your name is Anrothar and/or you are just that pimp on a bike, than no, there, is no need for suspension fork on a 29er. however, if you are a mortal, you will both enjoy and benefit from the fork.

here's some real world experience: i rode my mary rigid for 18 months before getting a reba. i had a TON of fun on that bike set up rigid and i really got good at picking lines and moving the bike around. it is fun, that's for sure. but, i have a ton MORE fun with the fork. i can just go faster, i don't get as beat up and i can go faster. :D

so there you have it.

edit: one more point- to address your height...i recently learned, that i too am 5'8" plus after going through all of my adult life thinking i was 5'10". i am living proof that you can ride a 16" mary.
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