Dos Niner SS ride report.


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I finally got to ride it on day 8 of ownership! I was so excited and the bike impressed!

Bike Setup for me being 210#.
50psi rear shock, REBA 80mm (155psi pos/130neg) and tires 30psi f/r for the SmallBlock 8's.

The first thing I noticed it that SS's suck on the commute to the trail, the gearing being 32/20 spins out way too easy.

Once on the trail the gearing felt pretty good, and some of the hills where a little hard to climb at first, after all, it's been about 1.5 yrs since I've ridden an SS.

The suspension is pretty sweet on the rough stuff and the REBA really helped the SB 8's stick to the ground in the rough, where normally the rigid would've had me slowing up a little or taking a slightly different line.

In loose and leaves the SB 8's loose grip easy, but on hardpack or slighty tacky trails they rock!

The Dos climbs great as an SS, sitting or standing, and when standing, bob is not an issue as all.

By the end of both rides, my ride the rear shock showed that I used about 2/3 of the travel, so I might be able to back the psi down to 35-40ish, on the other hand, it took all the bumps fine, so I might just leave it!

We have one section in FHP that uses a ravine like a roller coaster or half-pipe; starting at the top and going side to side (about 25' high on both sides) until the end. The section is really rutted and rocky, but this bike had me flying through there today like I haven't moved in some time! I was all smiles.

Some have mentioned to me about the new frame having more lat support than the green that I bought, but to be honest I can't tell a thing. The bike railed and went everywhere I tried to put the wheel.

By the end of the ride I am convinced enough about the bike to leave it SS for at least another few rides, but I really want a geared Dos too.

We have an 18hr race coming up in 2 weeks and I am giving some serious thought to doing it now that I have this super comfy ride that handles like no one's business.

I'm not completely sure what to think about the SB8's yet, they did well enough, but I'm not convinced that they are the best thing for Central Va trails. I'd give the nod to Crossmarks first easy.

As for the ENO hub, it worked simply awesome, not a skip or even a peep from the chain the on ride one, but ride 2 had some steep hills that really required some power and the chain skipped a few times.

The only flaw that I have with this bike is that the Salsa seatbinder QR doesn't fit with the frame. The flipoff hits the frame well before it reaches lock position.

I've also been riding Ergon grips since May and this bike doesn't have them, by a few miles in the palms were hurting, it definitely needs some Ergons!

I hope this helps people with their questions and I'll answer more as I can.


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yeah, great write up, thanks!

i was looking at the salsas and wondering how that "soft tail" would ride. i've been riding my rigid mary pretty much exclusively but i also want a gearie...just not a full squish. having ridden the fisher rig, i don't care for the felt that's off the table.

was thinking a hardtail 2x9 setup but leaning more toward a van dessel simply b/c i know i can get my hands on one to test a lot easier than i can locate a some of the other bikes (salsa, niner, etc.). plus, they're in jersey, i'm in jersey, i should try my best to support them. who wouldn't want to ride a bike called 'the jersey devil'?!

so, i guess my question is, is that soft tail really worth the extra $$??


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Is it that much better than your ElMar w/Moots seat post?
How does the soft tail compare to say a FS 26er?


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There is no chain growth? My initial thoughts are there would be a bit. But i like what your working with. :D
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