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Almost everyone I've talked to gives six mile run a bad rap and I couldn't understand why. Now I figured it out. I always park and ride from the entrace off of 27, but most other park at the lots on canal rd or blackwell mills road.

Today I rode from the lot on canal road and I can see why people don't like it. The trails from that point are lame and annoyingly muddy.

If you want to have a good ride at six mile run park in the far back corner of the gravel lot next to the jersey knights soccer fields. If coming from the North on 27, its .5 miles passed the wawa and will be on your right. If coming from the south its about a quarter or half mile passed courtelyous lane and will be on your left. In the far back corner you'll see the usual d and r canal state park signs.

You'll see the trail go into the woods about 20 feet down from the corner of the lot. Take it and follow it just a little ways until it goes onto a small graveled trail and take the gravel trail (left). Then follow the gravel for about 20 yards and you will see a log pile on your right, take the trail immediately on your left. It starts a pretty cool singletrack loop. This trail goes parallel to the fire road and goes through a couple clearings, always head more right at the clearings and take the trail that you see start on your left. this will eventually get you to the road. enjoy

Agreed! Parking on rt 27 is the way to go.

Try it.. You might like it!

This place is no epic ride but it is really fun.

August was super dry, in fact it was dusty! Most if the time you will end up a little muddy and wet.

Trail Work...

We did some solid re-routing this week.

We moved a trail that always gets muddy.

On the blue trail just west of S.Middlebush.

Check it out.

I checked this place out today for the first time, started at rt 27 and actually had a great time. Wish it had more vert to it but a fun little place.

Keep up the good work with trail mantenance.
Larry is on the way. He wil be there at 7:30.

Should be frozen
Rode six this morning, opted out on the stream crossing after seeing how much water there was on the 27 side. Did the red as an out and back instead. While the majority of the trails were frozen, there were some super muddy areas. On the red trail I dipped my rear wheel enough that my rear disc some how froze up, I guess it frozen quickly enough that the pistons couldn't move, I locked em up and they broke loose, that was a first. The usual spots were flooded.
The guys who rode there on Sat said that it was ultra muddy.

I am sure that they made some nice ruts that then froze solid.

I rode the 27 side to Middlebush and back this afternoon with M3Tim. The areas in the shade were nice and frozen, sounded like capt. crunch under our tires. Didnt even bother with the other side, the concrete bridge area is all flooded. We need extended cold weather.
They were some major frozen ruts and since place were wet when they frozn, it was crunchy and not so nice.

Agreed, we need extended cold weather.
prepare for 5 pounds of mud to be frozen on your bike after the concrete bridge area, unless it frozen solid already...
The forever muddy section....That area really isnt meant to be a trail year round...I would imagine it wouldnt take long to hit water if you decided to dig in this area....

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