Do you ever think about moving out of state?


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I’ve considered moving out of state several times, and more than just vacationing and saying this can be fun. However, my entire family and life is here, I can’t pull away just yet. I do like having the change in seasons, the diversity of mountains to the shore, and of course the mountain biking.

I’ve personally made myself successful by taking every chance I can to make more money and make things easier. More responsibility at work, side jobs, wise investments, etc. as it all helps offset the cost of life. I’m not going to be able to retire at 40, but 60 is the goal. It doesn’t come easy.

I can fully agree costs (taxes, property values, etc) are high for what you get. A lot stems from congestion in the state and the maintenance of infrastructure and services. You would think the opposite but it’s not. Labor costs are one of the items that pushes everything north. It is going to go up more with our shitbag governor trying to double minimum wage.

Fires....You can have a small contained fire. Wood should be dry to minimize a smoke condition and complaints. Burning leaves causes an issue because they can blow around igniting other sources and do not burn hot enough to reduce smoke. Towns recycle leaves to make mulch which yes, ties into the above. Farmers that open burn are required to get permits from the state and county. Also don’t use gasoline as a fuel source.


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You see it come up here once in a while - people sometimes hint at it - but do you ever think about moving out of state?

If you are thinking about moving, where are you looking to move? How close are you to actually doing it? And most importantly, why? Kids? Tired of taxes? You just gotta smoke sick amounts of weed?

Fogerson has been gone a while, anyone still keep in touch with him? He still liking it on the left coast? @Pearl how’s the move been so far? @rick81721 - you don’t count yet. You’re still here in my book sorta.
I don't get as touched as much as I like, but sometimes...uh, okay, that came out wrong...

Anyway, I'm a native left-coaster ... born and raised in Bend Oregon & lived in Oregon for the first 25 years of my life and have been back living in Portland for 5 1/2 years. Anything I can possibly say about being on the left-coast vs right must be taken with the consideration I have a HEAVY bias.

TBH, the only thing I miss about NJ is some of you Hooligans and some great mountain biking that was in my backyard (Mahlon 'was less than 5 minutes from my back yard). If you're a mountain biker in Portland, IT SUCKS. Decent riding is 1-2 hrs away at a minimum. But that is just Portland; if one lived in my hometown, Oak Ridge, and many other places, it is glorious for mtb and all things outdoorsy.

NJ v Oregon, NJ gets the nod in a positive sense for the same thing that I disliked about it-everything is pretty damn close. It is dense, and that sucks, but ya' can get to anywhere and anything in the state in 4-5 hrs or less no matter where you are.

All that really means, though, I guess, is if you move out west you do have to be a little more careful about where you actually live. If you live in Bend, you can get to about anything you'd ever really want to get to in 4-5 hrs or less (usually much less). Portland too. Live in Burns or Klamath Falls? Maybe not.

Many other things like taxes, employment, etc. it again exactly where you live can make a huge difference. No different in Oregon than NJ, but in NJ you can work in Essex county and not live there (for gods sake!) ... a bit tougher to do out here where you can actually drive hours and not pass through a town.

Anyway, Clarkenstein nailed really boils down to what characteristics you want in the place you live and/or what you want to get away from.

I came back because it is home and I pretty much had to in order to stay with the company I've been with for a couple decades. If it wasn't for those two things, yes, I think I would prefer Oregon (knowing myself), however, I don't really think my life would be different enough to put my family through a x-country move. NJ, with all it's flaws, isn't a bad place.

Now if I can just get my new knees and inner ear issue resolved so I can ride anything!!! Getting old sucks ass...
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