Do We Have Shirts or Stickers?


A strong 7
we have shirts, stickers are coming....really. PM Norm. If you/work between sparta and wayne i can try to make arrangements for delivery.


A strong 7
BTW - what happened to your other avatar? it looked like the angry love child of walter and brett (aka, hardtale)


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Shirts, shirts, I got 'em. For the next week only I'll give you a special deal on them! PM me for details!


El Guac-Oh
Does Zoller understand that he may have to pay for this stuff???:rolleyes:

hehe...of course I do....I already paid for my T-shirt :D

I though that after 1 year I am allowed again to participate in the raffles

No raffles...No Guacamole! :p
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