Do we have any more independent record stores?

Jack’s music in Red Bank comes to mind.
I really miss Vintage Vinyl, I was going there since I started driving in ‘86.
Kids don’t buy physical music anymore, I’d spend hours going through the discs waiting to discover something awesome.
Edit: Princeton Record Exchange as well.
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Summit still has a record store, but it's all trendy dad stuff like you'd expect in Summit.
There is this place, which I noticed the other day. Looks tiny and can't vouch for it but it does exist.

Princeton Record Exchange is the biggest one that I know of. There are some smaller ones in Frenchtown, Lambertville and New Hope.
Thanks, lots of good suggestions here! I was at Halters today but didn't have time to extend my trip to Princeton. I will pop into the Somerville shop tomorrow night and expand from there.
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