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I have Avid Juicy Fives on my bike, 6 inch rotors. I keep getting a squeeling sound from them, esp when braking at slow speeds. I clean the rotor with a soft cloth with some brake cleaner on it, and with the wheel off I run the cloth between the pads with some brake cleaner.
This seems to eliminate the noise for a while but it keeps coming back, and tonight I got my finger caught in the rotor and lopped off a chunk of flesh and nail.
Back in July the shop I bought it from looked at the pads and said they were fine, rotors too. I ride often but this bike isnt a year old yet.
Any help greatly appreciated!


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This may sound crazy, but it works. Wash the pads and rotor with Dawn dish soap until they don't turn the water black. Then cook them in a toaster oven all the way hot for a few minutes. Clean your hands before you put anything back together and make sure there is no fluid residue in the caliper. 9 out-of 10 this fixes noise. If it doesn't, it could be alignment issues among many other things. But try this.



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Did you get that from Martha Stewart?:) sounds crazy enough that it might just work. I found a big thread on MTBR about a turkey gobble noise coming from Avids and it seems like a million attempts have been made at solving it.

Apparently now Avid will provide new rotors and organic pads to anyone with that issue. Sounds like it could be widespread.
I will try the suggested Home-Ec 101 method first. Thanks!


I never use Brakleen anymore because it makes my Hayes howl badly. If you follow up with Isopropyl alcohol it may help.

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Man you guys are getting me nervouse. My bike is in the shop getting Juicy 3's put in. They promised me no noise with them. They even talked me out of paying $100 more for Formulas. So I figured they should be good...
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