Dirty South Jersey Rider, new to the forum



Hey guys and gals, I'm Paul, and I just stumbled onto these forums. Been riding a while, though I dropped the mtb for a bmx for a few years, and got back on the mtb last summer. I forgot how much I loved it, and I'm happy to be back. I'd consider Allaire my home trails, just because they seem to be the closest, and I love to ride at Clayton.



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I'm from somewhat-clean central New Jersey and my doctor says my social skills are improving.


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I feel the best test for any newcomer is to throw crap at them, or dump water on their head.



Norm, if you're throwing crap at me and dumping water on my head, I'm throwing crap right back, and spraying you with the hose.:getsome: hahahahaa


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welcome aboard,
yes allaire is nice I try to ride there as much as I can...hartshorne is also great
speaking of dirty how close are you to the hot ground of ciba-giegy...?


Tall Paul eh, do u top 6' 6"???????

Cuz I'm stacked that high, ha. I'm from Dirty Bricktucky near the Superfund site, the water tastes best there and deters hair growth, so I've got that goin' for me.
Yo, if yur off on Saturday, the 501 Crew is rollin' out on a beginner ride @ 11 on Saturday morning, they're alway fun and very mildly paced. If not welcome to the site jus' the same.
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