directions???? how 'bout a sticky for that


not for nuthin', but there's two different versions of trail maps up here, which is awesome and all, but,,,,,,,,,,,,, how the hell does a person get there. it took me a half hour to find a method where mapquest would put me on Newman's Ln. I aint bitchin' too much. It could help though.
So, I'll be the guy up @ The Rock around 11am who looks like he's got no clue where he's going. Lates sucka's. :getsome::getsome::getsome:


almost had to punt

My girlfriends computer would not click on that location map, it DENIED me for some odd reason. My mapquest directions were a let down, but after circumnavigating the place for a half hour and getting my bearings, I was finally able to put my directions together and get to the Newman's Ln lot.
I rode the red trail exterior, the blue trail exterior and the white trail out to the "dam", I guess and crossed the lake and climbed back into the red trails again. It was pretty fun, my fully rigid never really wanted to go too fast as I was unfamiliar with the trails and all the small rocks, but had a good time. Did about ten miles. Would have liked to have hit it with someone who was familiar with the place and who rides XC, so maybe I coulda done a more flowing 15 mile ride or some. Nothing really kicked my butt tho, but I did dab a solid handful of times. Anyway, lates, TJ

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